Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Celebrations are made of small minutes stitched together:
A burst of sun through the clouds, listening to a little kid giggle uncontrollably, the dog's happy dance when you come home, the smell of a library,
walking in the rain, the sound of leaves rustling in a warm breeze, A cardinal's
evening song, a hot shower after a cold day, the hush of snow,  reading words that are written so beautifully it hurts...

These are the things to celebrate - unexpected and full of promise.

Happy Birthday Kelly! May you continue to find things to celebrate each and every day, and may they continue to bring you inspiration for your beautiful words.

(I didn't have any pictures of cake, so I went with the next best thing...)


  1. Well, I love berries, so that is just perfect! And you are so right, it is the small moments stitched together that make the most beautiful tapestries of life. Thank you so much for celebrating with me, this is just wonderful! Xoxo

  2. So true - we can find something to celebrate in each minute! A great contribution to Kelly's birthday!